Live Panel On the Samsung Galaxy S2 Brings Your Content to You

Live Panel on the Samsung Galaxy S2 brings your content to you automatically choosing which apps to display on your main screen based on which ones you use the most. This saves time when finding the same apps again as well as providing a constant stream of information from social networks and more.

With such a wealth of applications available to choose from and download for your mobile now it can be difficult to find where some apps are, even when you use them more than others. With the Live Panel the new UX from Samsung for the main screen brings a personalised, magazine style layout which you can customise to provide you with all the apps you want, as well as those you actually use. You can choose applications such as your gallery, music, emails or social networking like Facebook and Twitter and have them all on your home screen ready to get access to and start using. Samsung Gallery App While friends on other handsets may have to flick through multiple pages of apps to find what they need, you can have it instantly at your fingers on the large 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus display which also brings stunning, vivid colour, text and graphics.

It also provides fast access to the other features of the Galaxy S2 including the 8 megapixel main camera with LED flash for poor light conditions and auto focus for the perfect shot. You can also use the fast scene switching through the user interface offered by the speed and simplicity of the Android 2.3 operating system the phone is running. Capture stunning High Definition video (full 1080 pixel respectively) and play back on the handset display or use the DLNA connectivity to wirelessly share HD content with a television. You can also enjoy social networking, email, games and more on the handset, and you can customise the Live Panel to provide access to them. Other features include the Readers Hub offering over two million book titles, along with newspapers and magazines, the Games and Music Hubs for all you entertainment needs and the voice activation of Say N Go in place of the simple touch controls of the handset.

Despite the upcoming arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S3 as successor to this handset, it is still clear as to why it has been and remains a popular choice offering great features along with simple and intuitive controls through a large stunning display. The Live Panel also makes everything on the Samsung Galaxy S2 faster to get to, allowing you more time to enjoy your apps.